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Finally reached Chandigarh – Update – Reload All! and WordPress to MySpace

I posted this to test the WordPress to MySpace plugin.
And then I gave a start to my next modifications to firefox addon called ReloadAll!. So I kept this post as a reminder for me to finish them and planned to delete it after that is done.
But I changed my mind and I am keeping this post to update you that I have submitted the version 0.9.5 of ReloadAll! to Addons.Mozilla.org and it should hopefully be available for general availability after AMO review process.
Also, I have released version 0.2 of WordPress To Myspace, which now has an options page to enter the MySpace access token and secret. If you are upgrading from the previous version, copy the previous token and secret strings from the wpmyspaceupdatestatus.php file and save them somewhere, before you do the upgrade. Otherwise you will lose them and you will need to fetch them again.
For any suggestions, queries or issues with Reload All!, please leave a comment at this permalink , or mail me at unitedronaldo@yahoo.com.
For WordPress to MySpace, use this permalink , or mail me at the above email address.

Reload All! is now a public addon after Mozilla AMO review!

Reload All! is no longer in the addons.mozilla.org (AMO) Sandbox and is now approved for use by public.

I submitted it to Mozilla AMO for public nomination. And after a week long wait, I got  a mail from them in which they said they have accepted its current version.

I plan to make some further changes to this plugin.

I am planning to add configurable shortcut keys, as I mentioned in the previous mail. And I’ll move the  Context Menu Item for choosing the selection tool from the navigation area to the tab area.

Reload All!

Reload All!
I recently created a new Mozilla Addon called Reload All!.

It allows you to reload all the tabs in a browser window (which Firefox now provides) and it has a selection tool that allows you to select the tabs you want to reload (which Firefox doesn’t have) .

This is what the selection tool looks like: Reload All! - Selection Tool

I made this addon to solve my problem with broken pages on starting Firefox. I like going back to what I was reading the last time I was on. Therefore I about always use Firefox’s “Session restore”.

However, often I will run into a problem with this. Many times, my network will not be working fine, so web pages will not open.

So I would have to reload every page individually as Firefox did not have, for a long time, a feature to reload all tabs.  Yes there is Tab Mix Plus, but I did not want to add its too many other features.

So after a long reluctance of many months, I decided to write my own Firefox addon to resolve this for me.

It is now finally done and I am planning to make some changes to it. This includes adding customisable shortcut keys for reloading all tabs and for opening the selection tool. I’ll keep you posted on this!