Old dog trying to learn new tricks

One of the things that a wannabe or a real techie in his teenage years wants to do is to write his operating system. I am probably too old for this(I am almost a decade beyond my teenage years 26) but I still find this whole thing very fascinating. In my days, not many really did it, and being someone who’s always slow to start, I never really ventured off too far on my own. But since now the things in the free software world have got so simpler to use, its now so easy to set up a linux box and start working on it.

Some people have done in windows also but I haven’t really given that a try. I will talk about all this in more detail in my future posts.

Hi everyone

Hello everyone,

I have been slow to get this off the ground. I always have alot of latency and am very unorganised at times. I will start making some sense out of it in in some time. I have wanted to have a space on the web where I do something that makes sense to me. This maybe a very common and excessively done boring novelty, but then I wanted to do this for past 9 years. I am giving it some form now.

One of the the next things I want to do with it is to gradually replace wordpress code with my own … another very overly done thing.

Our guy Linus did it with his little hobby operating system. Probably I could do it with this site. I have yet to find out how it will turn out.