I am unitedroad, known as Dhruwat Bhagat in the offline world and the *formal* circles of the online world, Free Your Source is my site. I chose this name for the site because it is a play on Free Software and Open Source. Much more importantly, this term symbolises to me a freedom from all the commitments people in the software world have that often holds them back from developing things that really interest them.
So I guess it means freeing the things that truly make you (the “Source”) from the things that you have to do and seeing them in their own light.
So, I am using this site as a platform for me to keep exploring things that I am dabbling in, or that I want to try out in some definite ( and indefinite :p) time in the future.
If you want to get in touch with me, then drop a comment here, or on the site’s home page, or mail me at unitedronaldo<at>yahoo.com

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