Automatic Profile Switcher – Version 0.2 alpha

This is my application that I have developed for Android. It’s nothing fancy, and doesn’t have a very cool or geeky functionality. It just serves my purpose – switching my phone to silent mode (and manage other audio settings) when I am in office. I know this has been done many times already, but I wanted to do this on the basis of the Wi FI Access Point available nearby.

My office has an access point I use to connect my official laptop to the office network when I need to carry a machine to the in house meetings. So I reasoned  that being in  vicinity of this access point means that my phone has to be in the silent mode.  And so I developed this app.

Currently, its available here [[LINK OBSOLETE]] as an alpha version. I will put it up on Android Marketplace at the price of 1 dollar, but I am making the alpha available for free, because I know it currently is not in a state that I charge anything for it :)


unitedroad aka Dhruwat

Got Owned by UAH-Crew

These people sure know how to leave their mark.  I should have been careful with my password in the first place, it was too easy. Looking through what they did and then working my way to get my site back, I could figure out the steps they followed:

1. They guessed my password using brute force, or something more clever, like sql injection.

2. Then they proceeded to  lock me out of my own site by changing my wordpress login, this step makes me feel they used sql injection.

3.They modified my existing wordpress theme to tell me and the visitors that they were here.

Till now, it seems they didn’t mean any serious harm to my site, but  I will have to do some research to really be sure.


unitedroad aka Dhruwat Bhagat