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  1. Will this be enabled by default so that posts from feeds will be updated on MySpace? Or at least given the option to update automatically would be good.

  2. Eagerly waiting for this plugin. I like the plugin for Facebook “feed style”. Would there be a way to also insert the images or is this just going to be a link?

  3. Hi Jeff,
    this plugin will update your myspace status when you will post a new blog to your site. I think myspace doesn’t pull up the information from your feed. I feel their current status functionality is too primitive, except for their url shortening service, but then maybe we won’t need that if they did away with length restrictions like facebook.

    Currently, the plugin only posts the link to your blog, along with its title. I think Myspace doesn’t give you an option to post any images to your status update, which sucks.

  4. Hi tmv,
    this information was missing in the readme file for the 0.1 version. I updated the following in information in 0.1.1 version:
    “After that, you have to go to http://freeyoursource.org/myspaceapps/wpmyspaceupdatestatus/ to get the Oauth token and Oauth secret. You will be prompted to login to myspace if you are not already logged in.
    Then copy the Oauth token and Oauth secret to their namesake fields in the ‘WordPressMyspace’ class in wpmyspaceupdatestatus.php file.”

    I also need to mention that the access token and secret are the same as OAuth token and secret, because you will come across the reference to the former in a few places while following the steps I mentioned.

  5. I am getting this fatal error when I try to activate…

    Parse error: parse error, unexpected ‘.’, expecting ‘(‘ in /home/content/S/U/P/SUPERMASTER/html/davidblairmusic/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-to-myspace/wpmyspaceupdatestatus.php on line 51

  6. I’m looking for something that will actually auto-populate my myspace blog with the entirety of my wordpress blog post. Any chance you know of a plugin or could make one to do this?

  7. Hi Sara,
    I think this is possible. Roderick Russell’s myspace wordpress crossposter used to do just that. However, since it used to curl the myspace site, it has stopped working since last year. I suspect Myspace’s updates to their homepage caused that. One person on Roderick’s blog mentioned that he has got it working again and is ready to provide the code. So maybe you could ask him.
    I think this also possible through Myspace’s REST API, but I will have to see if it supports this.

  8. Hi! Thank you for a super plugin! :-)

    I have a feature request: It would be really helpful for the 97% of the world that doesn’t have english as their mother tongue (and even to the ones that do) if it was possible to change the text string before and after the name of the blog post. I am using norwegian both in my blog and on MySpace, so it seems a bit odd with an update where it says for instance “Einar has posted a new blog ‘Åpningskonsert for nytt filmmuseum i Hællæwood” at http://lnk.ms/876jeh“. Two text fields in the settings where it is possible to replace “has posted a new blog” and “at” would do the trick. That would make this plugin perfect for me.

    1. Hi Einar,
      thanks for positive response! I want to make the status text completely customisable. I will try to include your feature request when I release the next version. I hope I can get to work on it soon enough, I am just caught up in a few other things right now.

  9. Hey,

    I am very interested in this plug-in but i am getting an error after installation that wont let me activate it. Have you heard of this problem or any fixes. I have temporarly uninstalled it. Please let me know.

    1. Hi Mitch, are you getting any error message in wordpress or the logs when you try to activate this plugin? If you have got any error message, then is it possible for you to share it with me? Some people have got problems while activating this plugin or while posting their blog to myspace … if you can share the error message then I will try to figure out why this is happening.

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