Finally reached Chandigarh – Update – Reload All! and WordPress to MySpace

I posted this to test the WordPress to MySpace plugin.
And then I gave a start to my next modifications to firefox addon called ReloadAll!. So I kept this post as a reminder for me to finish them and planned to delete it after that is done.
But I changed my mind and I am keeping this post to update you that I have submitted the version 0.9.5 of ReloadAll! to and it should hopefully be available for general availability after AMO review process.
Also, I have released version 0.2 of WordPress To Myspace, which now has an options page to enter the MySpace access token and secret. If you are upgrading from the previous version, copy the previous token and secret strings from the wpmyspaceupdatestatus.php file and save them somewhere, before you do the upgrade. Otherwise you will lose them and you will need to fetch them again.
For any suggestions, queries or issues with Reload All!, please leave a comment at this permalink , or mail me at
For WordPress to MySpace, use this permalink , or mail me at the above email address.

3 thoughts on “Finally reached Chandigarh – Update – Reload All! and WordPress to MySpace”

  1. The ReloadAll! keyboard shortcuts no longer function in Firefox 4.0 RTM. Can you please look into this. I really enjoyed using the keyboard shortcuts previously. Thanks.

    1. Hi SpikeyPsyche,
      Thanks alot for using this addon. I will release an update with some other features the next weekend, and I will try to include a fix for this issue.

    2. Hi SpikeyPsyche, did you try to re-assign the shortcut keys.
      You can do that in the options menu for ReloadAll! in the Firefox Add-on page (about:addons in firefox 4).
      Some of the shortcut keys have been taken over by firefox for its own features. This is why the I had provided the option to modify the shortcut keys.
      There is one caveat though, the re-assignment comes into force only when you open a new window or restart the firefox. This because the shortcut keys are initialized in the XUL Window’s onload event.

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