Reload All! is now a public addon after Mozilla AMO review!

Reload All! is no longer in the (AMO) Sandbox and is now approved for use by public.

I submitted it to Mozilla AMO for public nomination. And after a week long wait, I gotĀ  a mail from them in which they said they have accepted its current version.

I plan to make some further changes to this plugin.

I am planning to add configurable shortcut keys, as I mentioned in the previous mail. And I’ll move theĀ  Context Menu Item for choosing the selection tool from the navigation area to the tab area.

7 thoughts on “Reload All! is now a public addon after Mozilla AMO review!”

  1. YEA! Thanks for having this re-load with the option of enabling only the pages you WANT to refresh. Genius! Other reloads did all tabs without the personalization Yours it the best kung-fu.
    Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

  2. Hello Cato,
    I have finally updated this plugin to 3.6.*. I wanted to add some newer things to it, so I was just being lazy. Supported the latest Firefox production release only needed an updated to the install.rdf file, and I should have done this long ago.
    The latest release is now in sandbox, and I hope Firefox approve it soon. Until they do that, you can download it from the “View all versions” section at its AMO page.

  3. Hi,

    I enjoy this extension of yours very much, especialy the tab selection. Simply splendid.

    But I think “Stop All Tabs” should be more convenient. Currently “Stop All Tabs” only exists in the Tools menu. It takes a few keyboard and mouse actions to reach it. Also, the menu bar is hidden by default and novices probably need to think about how to display the menu bar.

    My suggestion is to let user, while tabs are reloading, click again on the Reload All button to stop all tabs. Or, at least, add “Stop All Tabs” to the tab context menu.

    It would be perfect if the icon of the Reload All button, while tabs are reloading, can become a different one to indicate “Stop All Tabs.”

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