Reload All!

Reload All!
I recently created a new Mozilla Addon called Reload All!.

It allows you to reload all the tabs in a browser window (which Firefox now provides) and it has a selection tool that allows you to select the tabs you want to reload (which Firefox doesn’t have) .

This is what the selection tool looks like: Reload All! - Selection Tool

I made this addon to solve my problem with broken pages on starting Firefox. I like going back to what I was reading the last time I was on. Therefore I about always use Firefox’s “Session restore”.

However, often I will run into a problem with this. Many times, my network will not be working fine, so web pages will not open.

So I would have to reload every page individually as Firefox did not have, for a long time, a feature to reload all tabs.  Yes there is Tab Mix Plus, but I did not want to add its too many other features.

So after a long reluctance of many months, I decided to write my own Firefox addon to resolve this for me.

It is now finally done and I am planning to make some changes to it. This includes adding customisable shortcut keys for reloading all tabs and for opening the selection tool. I’ll keep you posted on this!

2 thoughts on “Reload All!”

  1. Hello, i really would like to have your add-on but it is not working with the firefox 3.6 (or at least i couldn’t add it). Is there gonna be an update to fix this? Thx

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