My troubles with dhcdbd, dhclient

When my Ubuntu 1.86 GHz Core Duo box went down, I tried to ssh to it through my OpenSuse box. For this, I reinstalled the dhcp daemon, dhcpd to the latter. But now, I have another problem with this OpenSuse box.

Ever since I reinstalled dhcpd on OpenSuse, everytime the networkmanager tried to get an ip address from dhcdbd – the dhcp DBUS daemon, it recieved a link local address. After going through the system log, I found out that the dhclient didn’t accept the command string used by dhcdbd to execute it. It just exited with the usage details everytime dhcdbd ran it at the request of the networkmanager to get the new ip address.

Then I realised since dhclient also got reinstalled along with the dhcpd, this might have caused the problem. However now I needed to know what that command string was and needed some way to find that out. This is where Snoopy helped me. After installing it and digging through the system log, I found out that dhcdbd ran dhclient with -H parameter that is used to pass the domain name.  Since the installed version of dhclient didn’t recognise this -H option, my networkmanager never got a new ip address. So it helped me resolve a part of the problem.

Only a part of the problem since it seems the my version of dhclient takes network interface down on the -x option, which is also passed in the command string. It seems to me that this -x option does something with the dhclient scripts but I am not sure what. Online help on this seemed a little vague to me so if someone reads this blog and knows about this then please, please, comment about this.

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