How about a Noida Linux User group?

Noida is an IT hotspot in the North India, next only to Gurgaon, but we still don’t have a functional Linux group here. I think Noida would do very well with such an effort. A LUG would be a perfect way for people in the IT field to give something back to the community.
We could learn so much from each other’s experiences. The Linux/Unix environment is so vast that probably even a linux admin by profession can not learn everything about it all on his own in one lifetime. We could share simple tips and workarounds and even new ideas and possible new projects.

An LUG can also be a place to initiate interested newbies into Linux.
Because even though the free software/OSS community has done alot to make Linux easy to use for the masses, some people are still scared of alot of things the end user Linux distros throw at you.
People usually get accustomed to this if they dig around on the net or have someone to help, but many just give up way early. Like some times its impossible to do repair work when your installation goes horribly wrong unless you go to the command line which scares many. We could help many here if we make an effort.

The people at Jaypee Institute of Technology had made this effort before, but its no longer functional. Even the URL( takes you to a junk search site these domain name providers put up when your domain name expires. I have seen this with the college organizations a few times, having been involved with some of them. They are started with alot of enthusiasm but gradually as the old people tend to leave, the enthusiasm fizzles out.

But maybe this effort will would be more successful. Anyone who runs into this site online or anyone I know who I have forced to see it, get in touch so that we can plan something out.

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